Essay on Grandmother For 10th Class Students

Essay on Grandmother: “Grandmother” word itself refers to the sweetest person in nature. She is godless in the form of a woman and a perfect and pious lady. The sole aim of her life is to spread love, happiness, care, service, and sacrifice. She is the most prominent wheel within the family vehicle. Therefore, she deserves love, affection, and respect from other members of the family.

She is the busiest member of the family. Grandmother gets up early in the morning and prepares delicious food for us. She is very responsible for the upbringing of children in a healthy and disciplined way. She cooks simple food such as rice mixed with water, fruits, vegetable curry, pickles, etc. She is a spiritual and devoted woman. She spends much time reading holy books and reciting prayers while sitting before the temple. She politely handles every situation and suggests better ideas.

She used to entertain her grandsons and children by telling many fascinating stories and singing melodious songs. She nourishes children and takes care of them properly. She cooks delicious sweets and cakes.

She is an extremely kind and bold lady. Grandmother has silver-white hair. Grandmother always wears plain and lightweight colored sarees. She is not fond of sarees of gorgeous colors. She is not keen on clothes and ornaments. She is very hardworking at handy work. She knit sweaters for children very beautifully. Her hand never sits idle without doing any work.

She is busy all the time doing household work. A family’s progress is purely dependent upon the guidance and motivation of the grandmother. Therefore, we should love her abundantly. I also love her dearly. Our family runs smoothly by consulting her advice. We never face any obstacle. We never quarrel with each other. My only wish is to let her live for many more years and stay happy forever.

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