List of RBI Governors of India PDF From 1935 To 2024

This article is about the List of RBI Governors of India PDF From 1935 To 2023. Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is the Central Bank of India and it was established on April 1, 1935, in accordance with the provisions of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI ) Act, 1934. The Central Bank was formed under the recommendations of the John Hilton Young Commission in 1926, also called the Royal Commission of Indian Currency and Finance.

The central office of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) was established in West Bengal, Calcutta, but in 1937 the RBI was permanently moved to Mumbai. The Reserve Bank of India is fully owned by the Government of India Sir Osborne Smith is the First Governor of RBI and Deshmukh C. D. is the First Indian Governor of RBI.

In this article, we have provided the list of RBI Governors of India From 1935 to 2022 PDF. Here you can download the RBI Governors of India list PDF using the direct download link given at the bottom of this article.

List of RBI Governors of India

Here is the complete list of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) governors with details. This List of RBI Governors of India will be handy and helpful for all competitive Exams in India.

Sl. NoRBI GovernorsBeganEnded
1Sir Osborne SmithApril 1, 1935June 30, 1937
2Sir James Braid TaylorJuly 1, 1937February 17, 1943
3Sir C.D. DeshmukhAugust 11, 1943June 30, 1949
4Sir Bengal Rama RauJuly 1, 1949January 14, 1957
5K.G. AmbegaonkarJanuary 14, 1957February 28, 1957
6H.V.R LyengarMarch 1, 1957February 28, 1962
7P.C BhattacharyaMarch 1, 1962June 30, 1967
8L.K. JhaJuly 1, 1967May 3, 1970
9B.N. AdarkarMay 4, 1970June 15, 1970
10S. JagannathanJune 16, 1970May 19, 1975
11N.C. Sen GuptaMay 19, 1975August 19, 1975
12K.R. PuriAugust 20, 1975May 2, 1977
13M. NarasimhamMay 3, 1977November 30, 1977
14I.G. PatelDecember 1, 1977September 15, 1982
15Manmohan SinghSeptember 16, 1982January 14, 1985
16Amitav GoshJanuary 15, 1985September 4, 1985
17R.N. MalhotraFebruary 4, 1985December 22, 1990
18S. VpnldraramananDecember 22, 1990December 21, 1992
19C. RangarajanDecember 22, 1992November 21, 1997
20Bimal JalanNovember 22, 1997September 6, 2003
21Y.V. ReddySeptember 6, 2003September 5, 2008
22D. SubbaraoSeptember 5, 2008September 4, 2013
23Raghuram G. Raj anSeptember 4, 2013September 4, 2016
24Urjit Ravindra PatelSeptember 4, 2016December 10,2018
25Shaktikanta DasDecember 12, 2018to date (2024)

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