Essay on Good Manners – Good Manners Short Essay

Essay on Good Manners: Good manners means good social behavior needed for one’s smooth life in society. Good manners are as important in life as oil is for the smooth running of machines. They cost nothing. On the other hand, they bring in handsome rewards. Pleasant manners create a good impression on others. A wealthy person is found to attract admirers and flatterers, but a person with good manners attracts true friends who stand by him through thick and him. He sweetens the stream of social life. He gets honor and respect wherever he goes.

Good manners are the best ornaments of life. Well-mannered people are always genial and they bring real joy to life. Their cheerful smiles charm others. People feel attracted to them for their pleasing manners. They face all evils with a smile, no matter how heavy their hearts are. They are kind to their juniors and to the poor and the distressed. They love their equals and respect their elders.

Good manners are necessary for success and popularity in life. Doctors who are soft-spoken and polite treat their patients successfully. Similarly, the teachers, who, while teaching, treat their pupils with kindness, are liked by them.

It is seen that a rude and ill-mannered businessman loses customers and a rude and unmannerly person fails to get popularity in life.

Good manners are a sign of civilization. They are the key factors of success. They represent a noble character. Those having good manners show a sense of discipline and goodwill and respect for other people’s rights. They get their work done easily. They are welcomed everywhere and they prove to be an asset in all walks of life.

A well-mannered person always acts in a disciplined way. He obeys the rules of the road and never breaks a queue. He does not spit at public places nor does he indulge in any antisocial activities. He always thanks a person for any service done to him. His ‘no’ is sweeter than his ‘yes’.

Good manners kindle the flame of friendship and goodwill whereas bad manners poison the stream of life. Good manners are not born with us. They are learned and cultivated. It is, therefore, essential that good manners be taught at a very young age.

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